Other content strategy samples

This page shows other content strategy samples I’m proud of. To see what I consider the most powerful sample, go here.

Content reused in the knowledge base and the UI

While the styling of this article isn’t perfect (something I was fixing when I got laid off) this sample shows a knowledge base article created in Paligo. The power of this sample is we used the Paligo API to directly pull this content into the Workbench UI. If the content changed in Paligo, it was automatically updated in Workbench. It gave us 1 source of truth and consistency with little effort. Scroll to the Kubernetes section to see notes about what went where.

Localization plan

The localization strategy and plan for a company that did not localize at that moment but was planning to in the next 1 to 3 years.

Information types definitions

This document defined our information types and how we structured this content in the knowledge base.

Minimum content at release for new features

Time is finite. I defined the minimum content needed at release. After release, we did research and identified more content to create to support the customers.

Document types matrix

We needed to focus on integrations/set up guides. This sample identifies the document, audience, user question, stakeholders, and other important things. The original included yellow sticky notes with further information but that information is proprietary.