20 year content strategy veteran, Sharon Burton. Sharon Burton consults about content strategy, content business issues, social media and managing post-sales customer experience issues.

Wrapping up your content strategy

Wrapping up your content strategy
Wrapping up your content strategy
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Here in inland So Cal, it’s a cold and pretty year thus far in 2015. Here’s hoping your content strategy heats up this year!

The 5 top content development articles last year

2014 was the year when everyone discovered the importance of effective content strategy and content management. Pre- and post-sales content is starting to get the attention it needs to improve the customer experience overall. I thought I’d share the top 5 articles I wrote from last year.

  1. Your content or your product will never be Jimmy Buffett. Read more…
  2. Flare 10 was released and I have a review. Read more…
  3. Customer experience and product instructions series. Read more…
  4. Content development vendors don’t have it quite right. Read more…
  5. 3 reasons why product instructions matter. Read more…

Do you need help getting your content strategy cleaned up?

I’m available for new clients right now. What that means is that I won’t be available for long but if you contact me soon, I can help you:content strategy the old fashioned way

  • Identify your content strategy gaps and make recommendations to improve the customer experience
  • Analyze your content strategy workflow and recommend best practices
  • Analyze your content and recommend how to make it more compelling
  • Support you through setting up an effective and compelling webinar series
  • Help you understand the business drivers and then the best tools for to improve your content workflow and content strategy
  • Increase your customer experience with a ompelling and useful content strategy
  • Train your staff in best practices for developing content

Get on my calendar as soon as possible so I can help with your content strategy in 2015. Let’s make this the year your content improves the customer experience. Let’s get your content strategy heated up in 2015.

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By Sharon Burton

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