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What’s clear communication and how do you get it?

What’s clear communication and how do you get it?

We all know that content is King, or Queen, depending on your point of view. But regardless, content that communicates a message that resonates with the audience is critical, pre- and post-sales.

All content is not created equal, though. Content that powerfully gets the message across in a way that makes sense to the receiver is the best content of all. This content is typically clearly communicated.

Clear communication doesn’t happen by accident. And it’s too important to hope and wish it happens.

Clear communication webinar

Towards that end, I’m running a webinar July 23 2014 at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific).

I don’t offer this free webinar often and the last time I did, we had over 400 people signed up. Today, late June, we’re at 200, so I think we can beat the previous record!

Free webinar description

Good communication starts with clear writing, regardless of what you’re trying to say. Attend this webinar if you’re involved in:

  • proposals
  • blogs
  • social media
  • user instructions
  • policies and procedures
  • video scripts
  • and more

By attending, you learn specific steps and actions to make your writing clearer and convey your powerful message. You’ll leave with 10 simple actions you can apply to your writing today.

Of course, we’re recording this webinar so even if you can’t attend live, sign up and you’ll get the link to the recording the next day.

Let’s thank DCL for their generous offer to host this webinar! If you have legacy content that needs to be converted and/or aligned, they’re the people to contact.


By Sharon Burton

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