20 year content strategy veteran, Sharon Burton. Sharon Burton consults about content strategy, content business issues, social media and managing post-sales customer experience issues.

Product instructions are Customer Experience

Product instructions are Customer Experience

Do you even know if your product instructions are supporting your customer experience? Are they meeting the content needs of your customers? 

More companies are blowing this important Customer Experience touch point. Most companies don’t include the product documents as part of the Customer Journey, much less as part of the Customer Ecosystem.

Read the series to learn more about what product instructions mean to your customer experience.

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By Sharon Burton


  1. I read all six of your articles about creating content, but I still don’t know what your product is. We have used Word, FrameMaker, Abortext Editor, etc. Curious.

  2. Sharon Burton

    I’m a consultant, so I don’t have a product. I support clients and make recommendations for the right tools for their situation.


  1. Wrapping up your content strategy - […] Customer Experience […]

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