20 year content strategy veteran, Sharon Burton. Sharon Burton consults about content strategy, content business issues, social media and managing post-sales customer experience issues.

Lavacon 2011, Austin Texas

The Annual Lavacon conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies is in Austin TX this year and I’ll be there.


I’ll be presenting on The Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make when Moving to Topic-Based Authoring. This topic will show you the top 10 mistakes people make when moving to topic-based authoring. About the presentation:

Topic-based authoring is the most cost-effective way to develop content in the “Do more with less” world we live in. It can also help you better meet the needs of your users. It’s a potential win/win for your company and your users. Makes you want to jump right in, doesn’t it?


I’m co-leading the workshop Critical Project Management Skills for Content Developers and Documentation Managers. If you feel you’re not managing your projects well or want to enhance your skills, this workshop will help. About the workshop:

As professionals in our field, we often think we think we can just focus on developing content or managing staff. But in reality, we must manage our projects to get the right result in the right time frame. But who has time to get certified in project management? You need the skills right now.

To sign up for Lavacon, go to Lavacon.org. See you in November!

By Sharon Burton
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