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How do people use social media to get help about products?

How do people use social media to get help about products?

In the last poll I ran, I asked about how people use product instructions. We learned a lot about how and when people report they use product instructions, especially that 90% or more report they use the instructions that come with their products. This is a staggering result and completely kills the myth that “no one uses the instructions”.

In that poll I didn’t ask if or how people might use social media when using products. I’ve been hearing the last few years that people are using social media to get help and that we can do less with product instructions and just follow people in social media.

New myth?

This sounds like a new myth to me. It sounds like a variant on why product instructions are not important – except this time, we’ll just let other people cover the instructions for using our products. See? Docs are still not needed.

So, to understand if that’s actually what people think they are doing and what that might mean, I’m running a new poll. In this poll, I’m asking how people use products and their social media to gain information. The results are very early but they are not what I was expecting. More data may change this.

Please help get the word out

I plan on running this poll until we get at least 200 responses who complete the poll. I’m asking your help to get the word out, to socialize the poll so I can get a robust data set for analysis.

Of course, as with all my polls, the basic results will be made available here for free with a small purchase for additional details. I will also do a free webinar talking about the results that will be recorded and made available on YouTube for future viewing.

If you would like to share the poll, the direct link is below.


Thank you for your help and I look forward to sharing the results!


By Sharon Burton



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