20 year content strategy veteran, Sharon Burton. Sharon Burton consults about content strategy, content business issues, social media and managing post-sales customer experience issues.

Do you have a Content Strategy?

Do you have a Content Strategy?

Your organization probably produces a lot of content – policies and procedures, user facing content, web content, and more. Some of this content is critical to running your business and some is critical to people buying your products.

Content is critical to the pre-sales process and to the post-sales customer experience.

I can help you determine the appropriateness and quality of the content you have and do the gap analysis to get you the content you need.

Socializing content

Regardless of the audience for this content, you need a defined way to create and distribute it. People creating content need to know what to do and how to make this content “context neutral” so that you can reuse this content where ever you need it.

Additionally, in this multi-national market, you need to deliver content in the languages of your users. Having a content strategy means your content can be localized without costing more than it originally cost to create.

Finding content

People also need to know where existing content is and how to find it so they can reuse existing content. Reusing content prevents you from paying multiple times for the same content to be created, ensures consistency in the content, reduces localization costs, and allows you to only publish the right content.

All of these issues are part of a content strategy. Your company can’t afford to be without a strategy for your content because it costs too much.

To learn more about these issues, click here to see 3 webinar recordings I did that may help you.

I can help

Contact me to find out how I can help your company develop a strategy so your content is managed. I can probably help you reduce your current content costs by at least 20% in the first year.

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By Sharon Burton
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