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Choosing new tools webinar recording available

Choosing new tools webinar recording available

Wow, was that a fun webinar!

Just wow.

The signups for this webinar were off the charts. We had a full house and people responded that they very much learned something useful.

I’d like to thank Jack Molisani of Prospring Technical Staffing for helping me during the webinar. Without his help managing people while I talked, I could not have been as effective.

Promised downloads and files

So, as promised the recording is available here on YouTube.

If you can’t get to YouTube from your site, you can get the wmv file here. It’s about 55 megs.

And, as promised, the preliminary list of questions I start with is here. Please remember that this is the list I start with; as I talk to clients further I ask many more questions. This list is the basic questions you or anyone should be asking about your content, your processes, your staffing, and so on.

More information about building a business case is in this zip file. This is a set of files, including an Access database that can help you track time. It may open as a XML file depending on your browser. I don’t have control over that but the direct link is http://www.lavacon.org/graham_creating_a_Database.zip.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who attended live. I’m always delighted with the quality of the questions people ask and the insights they provide.

By Sharon Burton


  1. Karan Sachar

    Very crisp and to the point content.
    Thoroughly enjoyed and learned alot from your webinars Sharon.

    Great Going!

  2. Sharon and Jack,

    GREAT detail. My recent blog post was on a related topic — after going through a laborious process interviewing for a contract writer’s job and realizing the client was using the interview to create their plan and time / expenses.

    The client’s project was cancelled in the end, after they realized that there were multiple areas of writing that they needed to prioritize and budget for. The client thanked me for my recommendations and is recreating a series of better defined writing projects.

    Rebecca Feinstein helped me edit my article. So glad to find your timely information too.

    – Shauna

    • Sharon Burton

      I am really pleased that you found the webinar useful. My hope is that people better define what they need after viewing it and it helps them make more informed decisions about what they need.

      I’d love the link to your blog article?

  3. Sharon Burton

    Ah! The zip file. Try right-clicking and clicking Download. That might help. That file is hosted elsewhere and I can’t do much about that.

  4. The list of questions unzips into an XML package, but I have no way to open any of the files. Admittedly, I am crippled at work (Windows XP SP3, Excel 2010, IE 7). Excel reputedly can open XML, but all I see, in either Excel or Outlook, are schemas.

  5. Rebecca Feinstein

    Hi Sharon,

    I really enjoyed yesterday’s webinar. As always, you are a terrific speaker.

    I went online to access the Needs Analysis worksheet and your question document. Unfortunately, the XML files only appear in code, not as documents.

    Is there anywhere else these can post?

    Thank you,

    Rebecca Feinstein

    • Sharon Burton

      Thank you for saying nice things about the webinar!

      The spreadsheet is in the latest Excel format. Send me an email off line and I’ll send you the file saved back a few versions.

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