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Building a business case webinar

Building a business case webinar

May 30 2013, 8am Pac, 11am Eastern.
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Have you ever been turned down for a project request that you thought was not only reasonable but vital? If so, the issue might be in how you presented it.

As practicing professionals in any arena, we tend to assume everyone sees the importance of what we do. Our initiatives are focal to us, but do we always take the time to explain how they’re focal to the business? Business leadership, like any other audience, has its own vocabulary and information needs—and we ignore those needs at our peril.

In this webinar, Bonni Graham Gonzalez explores:
* key elements of that audience’s vocabulary
* the basic theory behind a strong business case
* an example of an effective business case structure.

Join us for a lively discussion of how you can create more effective business proposals that improve approval rates so you can do your job!

While many more than 100 people/locations can sign up for this webinar, only the first 100 people/locations to join live can attend. We will record this webinar and make the recording available.


By Sharon Burton

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